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Myrtle Beach Non-Profit

What do we do at Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams? We bring happiness. That is the award we got from the Waccamaw Youth Center. Happiness. It’s so much more than just one word.

Crafts: We bring different crafts to the group homes and spend time getting to know the kids and their personalities. We have done anything from tie-dyed t-shirts, making jewelry, and baking cookies at Christmas time.

Outings: Water parks, beach day, movie night, Laser Tag, baseball games, bowling, you name it, if it is fun we try to do it. Any ideas please let us know something fun to do; we are always up for suggestions!

Gifts: When it is in our budget we try to provide each individual child a special Birthday gift, we also have gifted Christmas presents. We have been known to drop off a candy cake for a just because gift, because you know kids of any age loves candy!

Trips: At holiday time what do you do? You spend time with your family. These kids don’t have that choice. We have rented a cabin in North Carolina around the holiday season and took the kids snow tubing and hiking to waterfalls. The hiking builds confidence and helps conquer fears. It also helps the children build memories with each other. Unfortunately our budget hasn’t let us do this every year but we have done it twice and it was a huge success. Hopefully we will have more trips to come.

Time: I know it sounds simple but it is the most important. A lot of the group homes welcome visitors to spend time with the kids. Go cheer for a child in the bleachers, help them with homework, call them just to say hello and find out how their day went, play a board game with them. Very simple things make an impression.

If it brings a smile to a child’s face we want help make that happen.

Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams is a Myrtle Beach non-profit organization.

Myrtle Beach non-profit organization

Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams is a non-profit organization that organizes events and activities for abandoned, abused and neglected children that live in shelters and group homes in Horry County. We take those children on trips, provide them with gifts during the holidays, take them to sporting events, make crafts and most of all offer our time. Anything that brings a smile to their face, we do. Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams partners with many local businesses who donate their time and their facilities to keep these children happy. Feel free to  make a time or monetary donation to Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams today. Our location is at 664 Forestbrook Rd. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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