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When I first stepped into my first group home I didn’t know what to expect. The gentleman who was the administrator had very kind words for me, and I will never forget them. He said “We understand if you do not come back, this isn’t for everyone. Some people would rather give donations and not see the kids.“

But it was for me, did I want to take every one of those kids home that day, yes. Was I sad when I left? Yes. Several years later do I still want to take every child home with me? Yes. Am I still sad when I leave? Yes. I understand what Ed meant. It isn’t for everyone. We do have different volunteer opportunities for you to choose from. Or you can dabble in a little bit of each one to see where you fit in.

Administrative Duties – Every once in awhile we need brochures printed, folded, and distributed. We also need booths manned at events. Phone calls made to businesses about activities.

Activities – These volunteers are more hands on with the children. Helping with the activity we have planned for that day. You are more than welcome to think of a craft that you would like to head up with the kids. We love creativity and fresh ideas.

Food Prep – When we do an outing with the kids we try to make sure we feed them. It might be making subs or some sweet treats like brownies & cookies.

Proposal Writing – This volunteer will help write proposals to get grant money that we need for the activities we do with the group homes.

Fundraising – We need volunteers for our annual Mythical & Medieval Fest. Set up & take down. Duties include running booths, trash pick-up, raffles, runners, help with parking, Etc.

Myrtle Beach non-profit organization

Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams is a non-profit organization that organizes events and activities for abandoned, abused and neglected children that live in shelters and group homes in Horry County. We take those children on trips, provide them with gifts during the holidays, take them to sporting events, make crafts and most of all offer our time. Anything that brings a smile to their face, we do. Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams partners with many local businesses who donate their time and their facilities to keep these children happy. Feel free to  make a time or monetary donation to Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams today. Our location is at 664 Forestbrook Rd. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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