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Mythical and Medieval Fest: Turning Back the Clock to Support Children

By Thomas Schultz

Let your imagination be ignited, as you’re transported back in time to see knights, princesses, magic and so much more at the Mythical and Medieval Fest. People from South Carolina and the Southeastern United States descend upon Myrtle Beach for this fun and unique gathering. Only in its second year, this festival already has a large following and expects the crowds to only increase. This event is geared for the entire family. You’ll enjoy watching armor clad warriors engage in medieval combat demos, marvel at the brave performers as they handle fire with ease, and soak in the live entertainment from various medieval themed actors. There are plenty of fun games and surprises that kids of all ages will love. Come for fun and bring your appetite because you’ll find plenty of food options that your entire family will enjoy. Everyone is a character so don’t forget your costume, imagination, and your willingness to support a great cause.

The Mythical and Medieval Fest supports Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams. They are a noble and proactive charity that aims to help abandoned, abused, and neglected children who currently live in group homes and shelters. They give the children in need the attention and love that all children deserve. Through their efforts they provide less fortunate children with birthday presents, fun holiday events, and many other fun activities that are focused on the kids. While many people donate only during the holiday season, this charity encourages giving to the children year round. They currently help multiple shelters in the area and look to expand to help out kids in every shelter in South Carolina. So grab your staff, cloak and bring the entire family to support a great cause and have a unforgettable time at the Mythical and Medieval Fest. We got the opportunity to interview Shellie Rabon, the charity and event founder, about the festival.

RAL: Tell me about the event and who attends.

SR: We are proud to announce the second year of the Mythical and Medieval Fest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. During the inaugural festival we attracted over 500 people and this year we are expecting over 3,000 people, due to increased interest (both local and regional) in the festival and our cause. This is a festival for everyone. People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to attend and bring a friend.

RAL: What makes the festival unique?

SR: It is a renaissance themed festival for all ages. The festival raises money for our charity, Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams. We provide activities, gifts, and support for abused and abandoned children that live in group homes.

RAL: What can an attendee expect at a typical day at the festival?

SR: As far as activities are concerned you’ll find the popular fairy house building competition, blacksmithing demonstrations, glass blowing, medieval knight combat, a spectacular fire show, fight circle, Children’s Realm, belly dancers and much more. For live entertainment there are singing elves and some entertaining pirate skits. When it comes to food, there is something for everyone from authentic Scottish haggis to delicious turkey legs. This is an overall fun and entertaining environment tucked away in the forest; you almost forget how close to the beach you really are.

RAL: What can visitors to the area expect for local lodging during the event?

SR: There are numerous hotels in the Myrtle Beach area with rooms to rent. We don’t have any specific deals with local lodging yet, but we expect to for next year. The festival takes place during the off-season for tourism to the area, so you’re likely to find great rates on rooms all over the city. A few lodging options in the area include Bay View Resort, North Beach Plantation and Caribbean Resort and Villas.

RAL: How does the event affect the community?

SR: It drives extra customers to local businesses as well as giving local artists the opportunity to come out and display and sell their goods. The festival raises money for the before mentioned Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams, which works closely with local group homes and shelters to improve the lives of the children who stay there.

RAL: Why should people come to the festival?

SR: Everyone loves a renaissance festival! We are the only renaissance festival in the Myrtle Beach area. This is a wonderful event for all ages and the entire family to create lasting memories. It’s not your typical festival and it supports the great cause of helping less fortunate children in the area.

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Myrtle Beach non-profit organization

Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams is a non-profit organization that organizes events and activities for abandoned, abused and neglected children that live in shelters and group homes in Horry County. We take those children on trips, provide them with gifts during the holidays, take them to sporting events, make crafts and most of all offer our time. Anything that brings a smile to their face, we do. Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams partners with many local businesses who donate their time and their facilities to keep these children happy. Feel free to  make a time or monetary donation to Caleb’s Dragonfly Dreams today. Our location is at 664 Forestbrook Rd. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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